miércoles, 6 de abril de 2016

Turn Tables is over!

Hello fandom!

I know it has been a while ever since my last update on this blog
my apologies for that, however I think we were all caught up in the madness that is Turn Tables.

First of all congratulations fandom! 
All the donations finished being counted today and we raised a total of 1080 Dollars!

I'm personally really proud of you guys and wish you the best of luck with your entires.
The Gaming Cast crew has all of your entries set and ready to pick the five lucky winners
and if everything goes well the winners will be receiving their emails tomorrow.

Remember, if you're a winner you have only a week to respond an email Decker will send you!

The Gaming Cast staff has now gotten in contact with the charity "In hands with the people" and have transferred all the money from the contest to them.

With that being said i'll return to my regular posting schedule and hopefully get an article done by tomorrow!

See you in the next post darlings! 

 ūü¶Ą   MIMI 

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