viernes, 25 de marzo de 2016

Turn Tables contest updates!

It's Turn Tables season!

Hello beautiful guys and gals.
Today I bring you news of the long awaited Turn Tables contest!
(One of the many we shall be seeing this year)

It hasn't been long since Decker teased us in his instagram about the upcoming charity fundraiser
But it's finally here. (And I got the dibs on it!)

First of all i'll talk about the participants.

As we know, all the staff on the newsletter has agreed to take part, meaning
you'll have a shot as possibly having a skype call with:


I need to fangirl for a minute...

The donations can begin coming in tomorrow, March 26 and will be over april 4th.
Ten days to donate!
(The details will be mentioned in the Gaming Cast blog but i'll still mention it here tomorrow)
And the money raised in this contest will go to "In hands with the people"
a charity that caters to helping people with low income, poverty and/or multiple kids.

As for the money required to enter the contest and skype with the staff:
  • 20 Dollars to enter the contest.
  • 50 Dollars to choose the staff member you'll be speaking with. (Only if you're a winner)
 However if someone has already picked the staff member you wanted to talk to, you'll have to pick a different member.

 Multiple entries are allowed you just have to pay them.

 I donate 60 Dollars so it's like if I had entered the contest three times
Which means there's more chances of me winning!

There will be five winners in total, and if one of those five winners does not respond the email they will be getting in the span of a week, the staff will pick another winner.
So keep a close eye on any new emails you get when the donation process is over.
(The process for picking a winner will be totally random)

If you want to pay those fifty extra dollars to be able to pick who you'll be skyping, in the email Decker will send you there will be an option to donate fifty more dollars, click the link mentioned in the email, donate those fifty dollars and you'll get to pick who you'll be talking to.

I've given you most of the information already, but check out Gaming Cast's new post about this too!

I wish you all the best of luck in this contest!
I'll be entering to so watch out >,<

See you in the nest post darlings!

ūü¶Ą   MIMI

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