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On the topic of privacy...

Hello ladies and ladies-men, MIMI here back quickly to inform you of a very important topic. 


Let me explain; I was roaming ask.fm, minding my own asks when I stumbled upon Nighttimecatplayers page-

(Yes, the real Nighttimecatplayer has an ask.fm > https://ask.fm/Nighttimecatplayer)

She was, as usual, being bombarded with shipping questions when she,
out of her own will, decided to reveal who she was dating.

Needless to say, the fandom jumped into action very quickly, some saying she keep it private for a number of reasons and others saying she absolutely had to reveal the mysterious man.

After a while of going back and foward between these two battling sides, some of the members of the fandom realized they were actually giving her some kind of aniexty attack.
(I say some kind because I have no idea what conditions she may have)

Some users quit their arguing, others jumped to the rescue
(For example my dear friend Futball which was quick to bring up the Turn Tables post in Deckers instagram)
And the rampage eventually came to a close.

Now that I have given you context my darlings, I want to begin talking about us, as a fandom.

Call me a SJW
(Social Justice Warrior)
but the events that occurred today cannot simply just go ignored, we as a fandom, failed to accept the freedom of a dear friend of our idols. 

If this little bit of information was enough to make the fandom go wild, just imagine what would have happened had Night actually revealed her boyfriend?

I believe the fandom would have gone wild between victory's among some shippers 
(For whatever reason)
to arguments and bickering upon other shippers.

With that being said do you guys really think we deserve to have this information given to us if we're only going to rampage over the results?

Or vise versa, do you believe the opposite side deserved this information to be kept private when you bombarded this girl with asks pushing her not to do it?

The whole point of this rant, is basically my message to the fandom.
We need to respect the decisions of all the staff at pokenews, and all of their friends!

We have proven that we are tolerant in many cases.
The first the comes to mind being when Quinn made his quitting post, yes we were all sad but we all respected his decision.
Not to mention the recent Panikos drama, which the fandom also took pretty well. 

So my question is, why can't we be accepting of Night's choice? 
If she wants to tell us let her, don't try to change her mind. 
And if she want's to keep it to herself, don't push her about it.

So fandom, calm down with Nighttimecatplayer.
And Night, if you're reading this, don't listen to anybody who wants to push you to do something. 
Just because you're important in the fandom doesn't mean you should bend to the fandoms will.

With that said...

See you in the next post darlings!

馃   MIMI

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  1. We're sorry MIMI we won't do it again ;-;.

  2. I honestly didn't think about that...I'll go send her a sorry ask. Thanks MIMI.


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